Application of advanced measurement method of CPS CR group worth for VVER unit

29th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2019, Energoland, Mochovce NPP, Slovakia)
[2] reactor physics experiments and code validation


Xiaoqiang Yang, S.V. Tsyganov


The application of the advanced measurement method of CPS CR group worth was studied in the VVER unit of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station (TNPS), that is, the current value of the detector outside the reactor was recorded during fast insertion and lifting of a certain group of control rods (the core boric acid concentration is unchanged). After considering the correction of the spatial correction factors (dynamic spatial factor and static spatial factor), the integral value of each group of control rods can be accurately measured, as well as the value of emergency protection, and the deviation between the measurement results and the theoretical calculation values meets the requirements. The four VVER-1000 units in operation at TNPS have successfully applied this method, which has improved the efficiency of reloading startup physical tests and reduced the amount of radioactive wastewater generated in the primary circuit during the test process