29th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2019, Energoland, Mochovce NPP, Slovakia)
[1] advances in spectral and core calculation methods


Márton Horváth, István Pós, Sándor Patai Szabó


The RK3+ benchmark was created for the AER community. The purpose is to test calculation models against a reference solution, calculated by MCNP. The benchmark contains a new fuel assembly for VVER 440 reactors, RK3+. The assembly has the same type of fuel pin as Gd-2M+, but uses different pin pitch and radial profiling and it has a thinner shroud, with a one pin wide gap on each side.
In the presentation two solutions are presented for the benchmark. It was solved by both C-PORCA (nodal 3D diffusion code) and HELIOS (2D transport code). The results are compared to the reference solution. The compared parameters are KQ and KK for various assemblies and Kinf. The benchmark was already solved by C-PORCA for AER-AB 2019, the results, presented here were updated since then.