A procedure for verification of STUDSVIK's Spent Nuclear Fuel code

Teodosi Simeonov (Studsvik Scandpower)

28th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2018, Olomouc, Czechia)
Spent fuel disposal and actinide transmutation


Studsvik’s approach to spent nuclear fuel analyses combines isotopic concentrations and cross-sections, calculated by the lattice transport codes, with core irradiation history data from reactor core simulator and tabulated isotopic decay data. These data sources are used and processed by the code SNF to predict spent nuclear fuel characteristics. The procedure for verification and validation of SNF is outlined in this paper which includes verification of the decay data as well as the numerical methods they are applied into. The paper presents the applicability of SNF to analyses of spent nuclear fuel in comparisons to well established and recognized code in the spent fuel analyses field, ORIGEN.

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