McSAFE - High Performance Monte Carlo Methods for Safety Demonstration

V. Sánchez (KIT), L. Mercatali (KIT), F. Malvagi (CEA), P. Smith (AMEC), J. Dufek (KTH), M. Seidl ( Preussen Elektra ), L. Milisdorfer (CEZ), J. Leppanen (VTT), E. Hoogenboom (DNC), R. Vocka (NRI), S. Kliem (HZDR), P. Van Uffelen (JRC), N. Kerkar (EDF)

28th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2018, Olomouc, Czechia)
Advances in spectral and core calculation methods


The main objective of the McSAFE project is the development of the Monte Carlo based multi-physics coupled methodologies for reactor analysis and safety investigations of different reactor systems. Key-research areas are e.g. advanced depletion methods, optimal coupling of MC-codes to thermal-hydraulic solvers, time-dependent Monte Carlo and methods and algorithms for massively parallel simulations.
The project has started in September 2017 under the coordination of KIT. Among the othe partners are european research institutes and technical support organisations (VTT, JRC, CEA, HZDR, NRI, KTH, WOOD), electricity providers (CEZ, Preussen Elektra) and consultants (DNC).
The software developped within the project should allow for the high precision evaluation of core safety parameters and will be applicable also to VVER reactor types.

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